Meet the hosts of Super Euro Power Hour!



Javy Javy
Born and raised in The Bronx, Javy started listened to eurobeat back in 2001 when he became familiar with the Bemani series. He became enthralled with EMI's Dancemania series at first and dancing ParaPara. Soon in 2004, he started collecting CDs and vinyls of the Super Eurobeat series. It wasn't until late 2006/early 2007 where he had an idea, after listening to Orange Lounge Radio, that he decided to make a eurobeat podcast. Fast forward to today and here we are! In his free time, Javy is an avid gamer and Doctor Who fanatic. He has one pet named the Doctor and considers his interview with Sinclairestyle as one of his greatest accomplishments. First he was skinny, then he got sick. Then he got fat and now he is skinny.